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Customer statements

Below you'll find snippets of the customer statements made after our events. Our customer database has severel references on people who are able to refer directly to you on who we are, and what was good or bad about the event. Please contact us for more inormation.

february 2013

"We enjoyed ourselves very much. It's been a long time since we laughed so much in the department, and it was fun to see each other outside one's usual sphere. Midgaard Event was very professional and the food was really good. So all in all, a great evening with much to talk about afterwards."

Yousee - A. M. Helmuth


january 2013

Thanks to Midgaard Event (especially Karl and Kristoffer) for a very good event. I have only received positive feedback from the participants and we had a very funny night.

HMN Gashandel - A. Nilausen


december 2012

We had chosen a solution with Bond-babes, casino, gadget corner and photo booth. The event worked really well for all of our employees. I've had so many positive feedbacks. Especially the photo booth was a great success and the pictures from the party are all over Facebook and our bulleting boards. Furthermore the function rooms in the meatpacking district created a good setting for the event.

Thank you very much for a good event, flexibility and effective service!

Universal Music - N. Tardini


november 2012

The event was beyond all expectations. Saint Gertrud's Monastery created the perfect settings and the actors were really good.

But most of all, it was fun for us as colleagues that EVERYONE lived deep into the role given to them, and took it seriously.

The whole murder mystery took place during the dinner, which was absolutely perfect.

We highly recommend Midgaard Event to provide for your next event.

Tjenestemændenes Låneforening - H. Sebens


september 2012

I just want to thank you very much for a tremendous Friday – it was such an exciting, funny and well-arranged day by you. I've had many positive feedbacks.

Nykredit - A. Ringø


september 2012

I just want to give you 1000 thanks for a very good and well-orchestrated event this evening.

We've had a very funny and nice evening that also gave room for networking and conversation with colleagues, even while you were running your show.

The feedback have been very positive and I would like to send a big thank you to you and your fantastic team – it has been value for money all way through, and I hope you'll give this feedback to the rest of the crew.

Lego - M.L. Frandsen


may 2012

Very funny games with swords, armour and fireballs. A fight to the end orchestrated and supervised by the competent instructors from Midgaard Event.

Naviair – M.H. Price


maj 2012


oktober 2011

The event simply got very good feedbacks from all the participants - about the WHOLE thing - and the game (Denmark - Portugal) ending up with a victory was the cherry on the cake - thank you for that as well. They had a fantastic day.

It will be a pleasure to use you again next time we need it - and it was really great that you could arrange it all for us in less than a week. We were really lucky. So also a big thank you for that.

DONG Energy - E. Dimpker


september 2011

A great and funny experience with dedicated staff. Absolutely worth the try for everyone and for all ages.

BASIC CPH - S. Antonsen


september 2011

Hi Kristian/Caroline. Now where the super agents' feet can touch the ground again after a successful mission :-):-):-) I would like to thank you all, for a great event and for your choice of location: Aristo.

Special thanks to you, Caroline, for your commitment and command of the evening. Fantastic :-):-):-) Greetings to you all :-)

SCR Ciklum, J.M. Nielsen


june 2011

Thank you for a great Team 007 event. It was right in the eye and my colleagues loved it. I think there was something for everybody - well done!

Novo Nordisk, C. Kobbernagel


september 2009

"We wanted to combine the company's summer party with team building, so we found Midgard Event's GODFATHER CLUEDO.
It was a delightful and entertaining event where everyone was able to join in. All the tasks were solved with great concentration and great fun. It was a challenging and very entertaining team building event which was conducted professionally from the first call to the final bill. We would like to extend our recommendations, and will not hesitate to use MIDGAARD EVENT again."

Pharma-Vinci, H. Ankerstjerne

juni 2009

"Great entertainment and lots of laughs! This best describes our day with Midgaard Event. The Event fulfilled our expectations and we can recommend Midgaard Event to anyone who wishes a fun, well planned and organized teamday."

PriceWaterhouseCoopers, L.M.Hansen

march 2009

"We had a fantastic evening with Midgaard Event and their murder mystery, The Testament. The actors were professional, and everything came together to great pleasure for us all."

NNE Pharmaplan Facility Management, N.v.d. Meij

january 2009

"Midgaard Event got the task of arranging our anual company party which this year had a viking theme.

... the funniest and handsome costumes... very realistic decoration with lots of different props down to the smallest detail. Very good entertainment with different challenges, fireshow and swordfight.

JT3 klima A/S - Anette Bak

december 2008

"In connection with our christmas office party we had planned a teambuilding event for employes, ages 20- 65. The Baron Bartholdys Antic Auction gave everybody a superb and funny experience, and it was well planned with good actors and a well thought plot.  The event fully lived up to our expectations and can be recommended to everybody with a Agatha Christie inside them."

Schering Plough intervet - S. Dalgaard

december 2008

"I would like to thank you for a fantastic event that we vitnessed on friday :-)

The set-up was fantastic and the actors were really skilled and are a big part of the succes of the evening...

...huge thanks for helping me through the process of making this possible and I have nothing but positive experiences regarding Midgaard Event.. Thank you so much! ;-)

I am looking forward to working with Midgaard Event in the future in relation to social events wtih both collegaues and personal relations."

Prokura - N. C. Krappe

oktober 2008

"Thanks a lot for the help setting up our stand on this years video business day. Once again you created the perfect enviroment, which set the correct atmosphere for our newest film releases and gave our costumers a good experience when they came to see our stand. We are looking forward to working with you in the future."
Walt Disny Pictures - B.Brinch-Nielsen

june 2008
"Midgaard Event
is alway ready with good ideas and alternate approach. They provide good entertainment served with class and engagement. We very much recommend Midgaard Event."

Lego A/S - L. Thune-Stephensen

May 2008
"My thanks goes to Midgaard Event for a thoroughly fantastic show. The setting was impressive and tailormade to Age of Conan, the event people had a knowledge of the story and the figures behind the product and on top of that the show-balttles they had arranged were very spectacular. It was very professional and entertaining and both myself and all the spectators appreciate the hard work of the people involved. I can recommend Midgaard Event - they really exceeded my expectations. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caYyb-gtX3Y
Ubisoft Nordic A/S - J. Lund

April 2008
"Thank you very much for a fantastic day and night here at Sonnergaard Gods this saturday. We had a lovely day and your activities perfectly matched our departements physical and mental capacities. The evening arrangement was great "
Roskilde Bank - A. skarsholm

April 2008
We have cooperated with Midgaard Event at several at different occasions - every time very succesfully.They do their job professionally and with lots of energy, both contributing to participant engagement into a fun and different experience."

Vice Versa - Max

March 2008
"Raadvad had chosen MIDGAARD EVENT as event supplier to our 250-years anniversary. The participants included decision-makers from the larger danish agents of our products, and we were determined on giving them an untraditional and at the same time luxurious experience. The result was the consequence of great teamwork between Raadvad and Midgaard Event and was based on the framework of "the Lodge Dinner". The primary purpose of the arrangement was to inform of our exciting new products to hit the market in fall 2008 and the upcomming media- and communications plan. The event included Raadvads unique and long history, three designers and the guests was treated to a joyful experience, both of the particular event but also of Raadvad.

Midgaard Event, "The Lodge Dinner" and the whole proces fully lived up to our expectations. The day was a big succes, a very reassuring succes because of the tension we had in the planning group up to the untraditional arrangement. I'll give Midgaard Event my warmest recommandations."
Raadvad - J. Skov, Marketing Manager

December 2007
"We had a tremendous and very entertaining night with "The Testament". I'll warmly recommend it in situations where you want that extra spice to a dinner or as teambuilding-activity".
Nyhedsavisen - J. Michaelsen

MIDGAARD EVENT is one out of four exclusive suppliers to Novo Nordisk and subdivisions of experience-based events. If you are from Novo, please contact us and we'll find a person in your company that knows the event you're planning to buy.

November 2007

"Our expectations to Midgaard Event was fulfilled in a very positive manner. The activities were both exciting and educational, which we value highly. We'll strongly recommend Midgaard Event.
Novo Nordisk A/S - M. Kekec

September 2005

"The Paths of Gandalf" worked excellently in the family version, allowing everybody from 3-55 to participate. Everybody had a good and fun experience which added to the teambuilding experience and created an great atmosphere for the evening.We'll talk about this day for a long time.

Novo Nordisk A/S - I. Taisbak

August 2005

A lovely and fun day, in which the colleagues were well "shook" together and played. Body and legs were well used and we were tired upon returning home. A professionally made arrangement.

Novo Nordisk A/S - C. Rasmussen

June 2005

We had a great day. Midgaard Event really deliver what is needed to make the setting perfect. A marvellous day.

Novo Nordisk A/S - B.M. Jørgensen

December 2004

"The finishing touch was "The Jolly Inn". It was a great ending of a fun day. The performers did a marvellous job, staying in character through the evening. Among other thing we had much fun from the travelling merchant., entertaining us with magic tricks during and after dinner. The meals easily matched the equivalent of a company excoursion and that goes for lunch as well as dinner. "

Novo Nordisk A/S - B. Larsen

October 2007
"The Paths of Gandalf is a very entertaining game, outdoors and with a playful atmosphere. There was ample opportunity for laughs and a good time with the people in one's group. A big thanks to Midgaard Event for arranging this truly exciting and different.."
Dubex A/S - B.V. Christensen

September 2007
"All of my colleagues has spoken highly about the arrangement and several has expressed  that these days were among the funniest ever. Everybody participating from Midgaard deserve praise for their professionalism, their general kindness and good ability to explain the different tasks at hand and the best method to approach them, despite the fact that roleplaying was an unknown "sport" for us. "

Nobel Biocare - A. Liberg

September 2007
The forum of environmental-friendlyness of the Amager Forbrænding invited the employees from the work out to play this fall.

All of the employees were gathered at the parking lot in front of I/S Amagerforbrændingen - from the stereo the soft sound of horns, the weather is gray and a light rain starts. Danish pastry and a light breakfast has been placed for everyones convenience, and people stand in their groups, enjoying the fresh air and quietly eating the food. Dawn is only an hour past and some people start to ask questions to the music - isn't it the theme of Lord of the Rings? At that point Gandalf the Grey arrived , moved solemnly around the smiling emplayees, informing everyone of the day to come.

All through the day fighting ensued and several orcs lost their lives that day on Gisselfeld Cloister in that perfect setting. FInally the end battle ensued, luckily the light once again defeated darkness and we could celebrate with a nice barbeque in the evening time. MIDGAARD EVENT handled the day to perfection and everybody agreed that the day had been a fun experience for us as a company.

I'll give nothing but praise to Midgaard Event for planning and execution of this wonderful day. Everybody agreed that is had been a wonderful day.

Amagerforbrænding - R. Mariager

December 2005
"A big, nice and very succesfull event. The movie premiere for Narnia was was held absolutely in concurrence with the atmosphere and values inherent in the Narnia universe. Midgaard Event achieved an unification of fantasy and fiction in a very stylish and professional way, making the premiere an experience out of the ordinary for young and old alike. At United International Pictures we'll have no hesitation in employing Midgaard Event for our next movie needing that extra touch. ."
United International Pictures - C.R. Eghorn, Marketing & Promotion Co-ordinator, United International Pictures

September 2005
We had a SUPER day! Chinese, Japanese, Americans, Brits, Germans, Swiss and danes - all participated on equal terms courtesy of ME (Midgaard Event). Noone was kept out of the action - everybody could participate on their own premises whether they were in a wheelchair, pregnant, lazy, negative or another thing. It was all about The team that day. Hilarious! "
Novozymes A/S - S. Høeg

September 2005
We had a fun afternoon in the amazing Universe of Lord of the Rings. An outstanding well-planned arrangement.
LO - Y. Ridel

October 2005
To be allowed a little "playtime" as an adult  is simply great. Through the "playing", there are lessons to be learned. Roleplaying is at the same time cooperation, strategic considerations, energy, surprising and extremely funny if you can let the stiff upper lip soften a bit.

Finansforbundet - M. Laustrup

August 2005
At the Company's yearly summer party we hired MIDGAARD EVENT to play the game "the Paths of Gandalf", a live-action Roleplaying game set in the beautiful surroundings of Selsø Castle. MIDGAARD EVENT's Motivated employees managed to get the competition going through the teams of participants, each containing 6-7 persons ensuring a great teambuilding experience and a live-like game for everybody.

"The Jolly Inn" was in a perfect setting, the food was good and perfectly fit the atmosphere. The event personnel continued their good mood and professional attitude en contributied at large to the evenings succes.

Bacardi-Martini Denmark A/S - J. Guldager

September 2005
"The biggest praise i can give to Midgaard Event is that today, three months after the event we are still talking about it. Several of the partipants looked forward to next time we were going out with Midgaard Event, and how much fun that would be and everyone that has been told of the event later wanted to try it as well. "
Danisco A/S - C Buron

... og many many more to follow

Midgaard Event - Mågevej 15 - 2400 Kbh NV - Tlf: +45 33 23 95 75 - Email: info@mev.dk
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